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October 03, 2020  

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This Marathi (one of 22 official languages of India) drama was executively produced by Alfonso Cuarón. Similary to Mexican’s director own „Roma”, the director Chaitanya Tamhane not only wrote the feature, but also edited it. It’s the first Indian film entered into the Venice Film Festival since 2001’s “Monsoon Wedding”. The film received the award for the best screenplay at this event. The main character, Sharad Nerulkar, is a devoted musician, performing traditional local classical music. But after long years focused on perfecting his craft, Sharad begins to question his interest in art.

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Is The Disciple available as a pirated stream or pirated download?
No, not yet.

When will The Disciple officially be available?
As of now, there’s no release data announced. This includes official services such as iTunes, Disney+, Blu-Ray or DVD release.